About Us

We are devoted to the youth.

Total Man, Inc is devoted to providing an alternative for teenagers and young adults to gangs, drugs, poverty, and homeless by ensuring that they have the necessary tools to facilitate a  life changing process.

Tools that promote healthy lifestyles through various community programs with educational components and life skills that will aid them in moving towards a promising and brighter future.

It's all about the environment to create clean and wholesome fun.

Total Man, Inc is passionate about creating an atmosphere where teenagers and young adults can come to have clean and wholesome fun in a safe and friendly environment. We plan to accomplish this by showing them a different way of life by a variety of events such as fitness training which is, a health movement; music, a universal language that everyone understands; and theater/poetry, an art form that conveys strong social messages with humor at times.

Helping Cultivate Their Gifts

Total Man, Inc will coordinate and sponsor, zumba classes, drums alive sessions, bootcamps, kick boxing, concerts, plays, and spoken word events.

Reginald White

Certified Mediator
Certified Facilitator
(860) 770-4944

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Michael Luster

Vice President
Certified Mediator
Certified Facilitator
(203) 440-7147

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Neishly Figueroa